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Hi, do you know if there is a way to navigate metadata taxonomy per site, site collection, web application or farm instead of per document library. The Mananged Metadata is a step forward for farm-wide columns but without the global navigation function it really don´t delivers the whole way.

// Henrik

Hello Henrik,

Yes that is a good point. I could see that as being very valuable. I am not aware of any way to do that currently.

Hi, well, the index and search components comes to the rescue (again). Create a managed property for the indexed column and create an interface for searching and displaying the results. But I would like MS to provide this out of the box.

Hi There,

I love the capability this hierarchy of terms provides for navigation within a library, but the only way I've seen it exposed is via the tree view control under the Quick Launch (unless Quick Launch is not shown).

What I don't like is the fact that after a few clicks the tree view returns to showing the entire contents of the current site, not just the hierarchy of the current library or list.

To me, this makes the display a bit clumsy. Have I missed something? Is there a way to get the tree view to show just the context of the currently displayed library or list, or is there in fact another web part / navigation element that can do that for me?


Interesting ... Is there a way for adding subcategories to the top level catogeries provided by the metadata column ? and how do you manage hierarchies between categories and subcategories ?

Hello anamorph,

Subcategories should be possible if you use the new SP 2010 managed metadata field. In the managed term set you can have multiple levels to a hierarchy

Btw. you can navigate the complete taxonomy alphabetically as A-Z index directory (like a glossary) or as hierarchical tree view using additional web parts found here:


It links to tag profiles or alternatively directly to the tagged content.

And there is tagging support as well, e.g. content-based suggestions or auto-tagging...

I love this feature! Do you know if there is any way to grab these as web parts (the filter and navigation) to plug into a different page?

Is it possible to order the metadata heirarchy?
For example in your example of Public, Confidential and Internal, is there a way of putting them in any order you specify? I could have sworn when I first added the Heirarchy Fields I wanted, it displayed them in the order I selected them, but now Sharepoint seems to sort them in (what looks like) a completely random order (though presumably does have a logic to it), but this order is not how I want it, and I don't know how to change it!

All I want is to be able to place the key filters box ABOVE the quick launch navigation to avoid having to scroll down. My QL is lengthy so this scrolling is annoying for the user. Is this possible?

I'm confused to whats to stop you simply adding a column in SP2007 and calling it metadata, then filter on that column. Seems a bit of a cop out to me?

Being an expert in SP2007 maybe i'm missing the point but i haven't seen anything in 2010 that i couldn't accomplish in 2007. But i hear the server back-end is much better!

Does anyone know if placing the key filters and/or navigation hierarchy at the top of the quicklaunch is possible (as per the question from Nancy). Having to scroll back up to the filtered list results is quite annoying.

Hi! Its a very interesting feature, but now am am looking for a way of customizing it.

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